PRODUKTDETAILS: Granulate of stone wool

Termoprodukt – Stone wool granulate suitable for blowing into cavities, ceilings and roof constructions, thermal conductivity depending on the campact density.


Thermal conductivity: 0,040 W/mk / Piping material 0,035 W/mk

Chemical behavior: AS – Quality according to AGI Q135

Fire classification: A1 according to DIN EN 13501

Melting point: >1000°C

Packaging: 21 foil bags per pallet, delivery in foil bags 15 kg each




  • Insulation can be brought in through small openings

  • Complicated transport through stairways no longer necessary, therefore no pollution

  • High pump pressure of the blowing machine enables a transportation through tubes on a length of up to 100m as well as a height of up to 50m.

  • With the blow-in insulation system also components which are difficult to access can be optimally insulated, the insulating material is spread across evenly and smooth.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • Easy and optimal processing

  • Cost-effective insulation of cavities which are difficult to access

  • Fast processing

  • Transportation through tubes, no transport of material (e.g. through stairways)

  • Smooth processing

  • Sound-absorbing

  • Water-repellent

  • No blends/waste

  • Incombustible! Therefore also usable for chimney implementations

  • Inorganic – therefore no vermin infestation and no mold formation

  • Bio solubility – in accordance with the latest European regulations