PRODUKTDETAILS: Vorisolierte Doppelleitungen

Pre-insulated twin pipes for fast and easy connection of solar collectors.


Protective foil:  


- UV-resistant outer sheath, very resilient



- High temperature ruber up to 150°C (temporary 175°C)

- UV-resistance tested inaccordance with UNI EN IS 4892-2:2002

- Fire classification B2 nach DIN 4102-1:1998C

- Thermal conductivity 0,038 W/mK at measured temperature 40°C



Insulation thicknesses:


- 13mm, 19mm, on demand also 25mm



Medium pipe  

- Highly flexible stainless steel corrugated pipe

- Rust-, heat-, vibrations- and pressure resistent

- Very good flexibility and transverse compressive strenth

- Simple construction of detachable connections

- Parallely corrugated all-metal hose, very flexible